Express your identity.

In 2016 ID ETHNOS was launched by ETHNOS, a company with tradition and specialist in the manufacture and commercialization of orthopedic prostheses and orthoses. In order to help people express their identities, ID ETHNOS is a prosthetic cover brand focused on innovation and high quality, with designs by the award-winning Furf Design Studio. A way to democratize self-esteem and freedom of choice.


Confete has won three of the world’s most renowned design awards and one of the most important awards in Brazil.

The product won the “Best of the Best” award in the “Health” category at the German Red Dot Award: Product Design, alongside companies such as Ferrari and Apple;

In the biggest festival of creativity in the world, the cover conquered the first Cannes’ Lion in the history of Brazil, in the Product Design category.

It also received the Brazil Design Award, known as “the prize of prizes” and was invited to be exhibited at the WIRED Health in London.

And most recently won the IF DESIGN AWARD 2018, Medicine/Health/Care category, one of the most desired and important awards in the design world.

ID ETHNOS is the first Brazilian medical company to receive all these international awards.